Roland Turner

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Natalies's Cottage at Hemmingford, Quebec, Canada

A sign reading: Hemmingford (Barrington)

Welcome to the town with two names.

A disused farm machine.Hay bale conveyor, from top.Hay bale conveyor, from below.Pump and tap for the well?

The things that you find around a farm...

The gazebo by moonlight.

The gazebo by moonlight.

Bill, Abigail and Stephen sitting around the fire.Bill, Moira, Stephen and Tamara sitting around the fire.Mark and Abigail (well, one hand) lying by the fire.

The fascination of a raging inferno.

The neighbourhood.

Fred (the dog), Abigail and Mark in/near the pond.

What the camera saw from atop its tripod.


Prepare to repel borders!