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About Me

I'm an Aussie living in Singapore. My interests are pretty broad, but include:



I advise and support multiple entrepreneurs. Particular examples include being mentor to:




Speaker Bio

I recently had need to condense this into a speaker bio. This is the result:

Roland Turner is Labs Director for TrustSphere where he develops experimental applications of the company's technology. He has lived in seven cities across four continents and has a diverse software and network engineering background including the building of ERP systems, ISP networks, media post-production tools, a cross-border wine-brokering marketplace and a network intrusion prevention appliance. He has been involved in the founding of technology community groups since late 1980s - most recently Hackerspace.SG - in Internet and email service provision since early 1990s and is currently active in SPF, DKIM and DMARC development. Roland holds an Honours degree in Computer Science from the University of Technology, Sydney and, when not living, eating and breathing technology is an avid dancer and runner.