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Olympics, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Sydney is currently in Olympic mania mode. Here are a few items that I have spotted.

First, the opera house appears to have changed colour! During the day it's whitish, but lately it's been some rather different colours at night.

The Sydney Harbour Coathanger, with Olympic rings appearing on the side (these photos were taken about 36 hours apart).

A flower arrangement encountered at random in Darling Harbour.

How building sites are currently dressed in Sydney.

The ~25 story billboards that a certain sportswear manufacturer has installed in town. (The building is still in use as an office building. The colouration is being achieved with mesh, so that the occupants can still see through their windows.)

I went with friends to see one of the women's beach volleyball elimination rounds. The fourth game included an Australian team: Annette Huygens-Tholen and Sarah Straton. Sarah takes the prize for the having longest pair of arms that I've ever seen. Annette served the fastest ever olympic beach volleyball serve (81 Km/h), a few minutes before they were in fact, eliminated. Amongst the ~40 strong 'Sarah and Nettie's Support Crew' was Bondi's largest beach volleyball fan. He and his friends competed with the venue's clowns to provide crowd entertainment.