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ProgSoc's Heaviest Arrival, UTS Programmers' Society, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Some time ago (more than ten years actually), whilst a student at the University of Technology, Sydney, I co-founded the UTS Programmers' Society. Periodically Sun Microsystems has donated obselete equipment to the Society, which has been put to various uses. Today, we went and collected our largest (and heaviest) donation ever. I can't recall their model numbers (perhaps a ProgSoc person who knows will remind me), but they are a pair of 16-CPU monsters, each about the size of a refrigerator. There are expected to be enough bits to make one working machine out of the two. It is rumoured that there is a plan to port Linux to the resulting machine.

The storeroom that ProgSoc occupies these days. As can plainly be seen, there is plenty of room to install a pair of refrigerators. Christian doesn't seem convinced.

Anand does not see a problem.

Front and rear view of one of the machines. Less flash next time.

Fries with that?