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Berlin, Germany

This page contains an assortment of interesting things that I have spotted in my wanderings around Berlin over the last month or so.

A couple of weeks before Christmas I was walking through Alexanderplatz where there are often markets operating, and noticed several things which might be described as giant dioramas of various fairy tales. I recognised Puss in Boots, Seven at one Blow (name?), Snow White, Rapunsel and Rumpelstiltskin, but what is that last one?

An unexplained scultpure on Mauer Strasse (Wall Street), quite close to where I work.

Christmas Eve, a construction site decorated for the season.

New Year's Eve (called Sylvester here) on Unter den Linden approaching Brandenburger Tor (the Brandenburg Gate). For a week there have been fireworks (and their litter) everywhere, in every street. I had started to become accustomed to the smell and the noise, however I had not expected what I actually saw in the crowd on New Year's Eve. The fountain that you can see in the first photo is being let off by a member of the public, in the middle of the crowd! This was going on continually, most of the coloured litter on the ground is from fireworks; fountains, rockets, bungers, you name it.

In January I went to Frankfurt (for work). Whilst sitting in the terminal lounge, I noticed something wrong with this man's paper, and indeed, something wrong with this man.

Hmm, a wing covered with snow and ice is not good for flight; how do we wash it?

The cleaning was a success, the plane flew :-)