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SNMP, CPU idle and integer lengths

One of my colleagues has been building beautiful CPU utilisation graphs using Zabbix and data drawn from snmpd. Inconveniently, one of the machines was persistently showing no idle time, on a largely idle machine. A little digging has unearthed the following:

- “snmpget -Ov -OU -v 2c -c public localhost . -t 10 | cut –delimiter=’ ‘ -f2″ was reliably returning 4294967295 (2^32 minus 1) which rather pointed to the problem (note that Zabbix is configured to calculate the difference between successive samples, which is why it was seeing “zero” idle – all of the samples were the same)

- snmpd draws CPU idle data from /proc/stat which, in this case, contained “cpu 252742675 1810147 102583077 5150841115 48268073 1099082 0 0″

- . is a 32-bit “COUNTER” rather than a 64-bit big-counter.

My impression is that counters are supposed to simply wrap around (so, an snmpd bug because it’s not reporting “mod 2^32″), but I can’t find clear information. In any event, a simple reboot resolved the problem. uptime-fetishists take note…