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Restaurant: Lemonia

The lady on the phone on Friday morning seemed amused that I would attempt a booking at a mere 24 hours’ notice but, after extracting an agreement from me that we be out by 9PM, she agreed to a booking for 7PM.

I had heard good things about this place and, particularly given the dearth of Greek restaurants in Singapore, was looking forward to some good food.

Lemonia did not disappoint. The food was great, the Meze servings were very generous, the service was OK, and they were efficient but polite about the timing: the bill arrived at exactly 9PM.

As we left, we had to work through a large crowd; the lady taking my booking wasn’t exaggerating about their being booked solid! I’ll definitely be back, and will strive to book several days in advance next time…

Where: 89 Regents Park Rd, London
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