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Bye Mum, Thanks for Everything, Rest in Peace

Bye Mum, Thanks for Everything, Rest in Peace

Mum passed away at about 7AM on Wednesday.

I now have a rather direct understanding of what is meant by a “mercifully quick battle”: Throughout Saturday, Sunday and Monday she was increasingly tired (but in no particular pain) and having increasing difficulty communicating. We did manage to persuade the nurses to let us take her outside into fresh air for an hour or two on all three days and to ply her with Cornettos (despite her difficulty speaking, her eyes lit up immediately when one entered her field of view :-)). On Tuesday she was unresponsive and her care switched to purely palliative. I spent almost the entire day in her room: it was as though she was simply asleep with nurses visiting from time to time to move her a little on the bed or moisten her mouth or eyes. Apparently Tuesday night and Wednesday morning were no different and she passed peacefully at around 7AM.

A huge thanks (and some flowers, I’m thinking) is due to the nursing staff at Nepean Hospital; they were nothing short of amazing, both in caring for Mum and in dealing with us.

(The picture is of Mum in July at my brother’s place with two of her grand-daughters who have been the most important and enjoyable part of her life for several years.)