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52ed3f0090fa307b5f02125542471581 != NaN

First post!

How is this possible? Even its newline-challenged cousin appears in just 3 results in a Google search; do I expect a visit from the men in black helicopters?

(For my non-crypto-geek friends: this is something of an inside joke. A very inside joke. What’s important about it is that the string of letters and digits at the start of the title has apparently never been expressed in public before, even though by rights it really, really should have been. No, I am not going to explain; the point of posting this is (a) bragging rights for being first and (b) the joy of discovery for someone who does think to look for it – that joy being enhanced both by the length of time between my posting it and their thinking to look for it and its uniqueness when they do. Think of it as a shibboleth for a tiny community, or perhaps as an easter egg hidden in plain view.)