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Peering inside TLS traffic, server-side

In the easy case where I have access to the server and am able to tell the client to use a different TCP port: socat TCP4-LISTEN:7080,fork,reuseaddr OPENSSL:localhost:443,verify=0 & socat OPENSSL-LISTEN:7443,certificate={certfile},key={keyfile},fork,reuseaddr,verify=0 TCP4:localhost:7080 & iptables -I INPUT -p TCP --dport 7443 -j ACCEPT Some details: Verification is unnecessary when talking to localhost, although this could be readily tightened with a sutable cafile option. Using verify=0 in the OPENSSL-LISTEN section was an unexpected necessity; without it socat requires... (more)

gtk-creator-usb "Failed to install the bootloader"

Old-school solution: dd if=ubuntu-{version}.iso of=/dev/{device} After several failures and various blind alleys around disabling automounting, I discovered this comment which happens to describe exactly my sitaution (creating a 64-bit installer on a 32-bit platform): Right, this explodes because the architecture you're running on doesn't allow starting executables of the architecture you're trying to burn on the USB disk. Everything is obvious in retrospect... (more)

Installing yum-cron

From the school of "the purpose of installing packages is to clutter your filesystem with files that don't do anything" comes yum-cron. Why anyone would want this installed but not working is not clear to me, but: yum install -y yum-cron service yum-cron status | grep -q enabled || service yum-cron start chkconfig yum-cron on (more)

Java Modifier Sequence

It's a trivial aesthetic thing, but the preferred sequence for "modifiers" is: public protected private static abstract final native synchronized transient volatile strictfp (more)

Importance of the LIGO results

The world's first "gravity receivers". There is much else to write about this, but I wrote the following in response to a friend's question about the importance of the discovery and felt it worth sharing: I get that observing gravitational waves is a big deal. But can someone enlighten me on how this new observation is going to make anyone's life better??? #‎WhyImInPublicHealth‬ It is an increment in a >6-century-long process of replacing ignorance and... (more)

A Conversation with a Lamp Post

Dramatis Personae Venue #HackerspaceSG a lamp post Roland not a lamp post Setting An SMS conversation at 8514 8312 ROLAND Hello venue #HackerspaceSG HACKERSPACESG Good morning. Thanks for waking me up, you're the first person I've spoken to. How would you use technology to make Singapore a better place? ROLAND Automate all work performed by foreign labourers. HACKERSPACESG I see. Someone told a friend "I would use technology to message and that makes singaporean a... (more)

Geekcamp.SG 2015 Slides

Slides from my talk today (more)

Happy birthday Singapore!

I struggled to find an appropriate image to attach to my "Happy birthday Singapore!" post but settled on the Marina Barrage, not because it represents every relevant thing but because it is a stand-out example of a handful of things that Singapore has demonstrated the capacity to do particularly well: to tolerate perceiving and addressing an extraordinarily challenging situation for what it is, without sugar-coating, dissembling or seeking to distract, to envisage a viable -... (more)

Bye Dad, Thanks for Everything, Rest in Peace

At Illawong Lodge, the creation of which he headed in 1956 and 1957. Helping him get onto the Illawong flying fox on his last visit to Illawong in December 2008. Dad passed away late this morning. He didn't quite get his wish to depart his house in a box, but he did die peacefully after 3 weeks in hospital, rather than months or years in a nursing home. The proximate cause of his passing was... (more)