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Yahi Sensing Station Assembly Instructions

Yahi Overview
Relationship between Yahi and PSI
Mapping Pilot
Assembly Instructions
Installation Instructions

These instructions are for the benefit of those who have:

For most people, the installation instructions will be more useful.

Kit contents


Modifying the Grove connector

Initial Assembly

(If you've obtained your case separately then you'll need to be a little bit creative with the holes. The important requirements are that:


Network Connection

Firmware Loading

Final Assembly


This is a little difficult, and is the reason for Yahi Sensing Stations usually being supplied assembled and tested. The only basis for calibration used in the Yahi project at present is to place new sensors outside at HackerspaceSG with a pair of sensors that have been there since the beginning of the project and verify that they read in the same range for several days of readings. If you'd like to and are able to place your sensor at HackerspaceSG for a few days then I'll be happy to perform the comparison.


If you'd like your sensor to appear on the Yahi map then drop me a note stating:


You can now follow the installation instructions.