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Resetting the Network Configuration

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This page describes how to reset the Spark Core's network configuration which helps when either:


  1. Open up your Yahi sensing station. Look carefully at how the Spark Core (device in the plastic bag) is located, you'll need to be able to take it out and put it back.
  2. Connect the USB cable to your PC.
  3. If the large LED is blinking blue:
  4. If the large LED is blinking green:
    • It already has a network configuration which will need to be removed.
    • Press and hold the MODE button (the one to the left if the power cable is pointing up) for 10-20s, long enough for it go through the "fast flashing blue phase" twice.
    • Disconnect the USB cable from your PC, wait a few seconds, reconnect it.
    • The large LED should now be flashing blue.
    • Put your sensing station back together (see below).
    • Work through the instructions on the Yahi Sensing Station Installation Instructions page.

If the large LED is off, or the instructions above don't work as planned, please contact me.

Put the sensing station back together

  1. Disconnect power.
  2. Put the Spark Core back in the bottom of the plastic bag.
  3. Put the device back together.